So, we’re out of our second blizzard this season already, and we’ve mostly fully recovered by now. I loved how the people of the city (Politicians not included) came together, and pulled through it.

But, a mass shooting, two blizzards, and then one of our football players dying (Literally, and revived), really… I think I’m ok with us not hearing “Prayers for Buffalo” for all of 2023. We could really use a break from another generational trauma.

About the only industry I think that has benefitted in Buffalo from these events are the mental health industry, but even then, most therapists and psychologists, and psychiatrists are problably bearing a heck of a load from this too, like “Heal thyself, doctor”, but how, when they are busy helping others heal from 4 traumatic events in 12 months?

All in all, I feel for the people of Buffalo (Myself included, of course), but I know we’ll pull through, perhaps a bit saltier in the end, but we will.

Fingers crossed 🤞 no more blizzards in 2023 😀