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The CLIMB Program™ at UB


Current students: All CLIMB materials are accessible on UBLearns.


  • Semester 1
    Professional Development Catalyst Series
  • Semester 2
    Research Communication Workshop
  • Semester 3 & 4
    Scientific Communication for Success

Professional Development Catalyst Series

Fall of the First Year

This course allows you to practice the skills you will need as a professional scientist. Meetings are held weekly on South Campus.




Welcome and Information  Session

Week 1

Adapting to Academic Expectations of Graduate School

Week 2

The Ins and Outs of Choosing a Mentor

Week 3

Rotation Impressions: Do's and Don'ts

Week 4

Conflict Resolution & Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Week 5

Efficient Reading: Anatomy of a Science Paper-
review of articles by Salazar J et al

Week 6

Planning and designing protocols & experiments

Week 7

Graphical Data Visualization tools and techniques

Week 8

How to make Poster and Oral Presentations

Week 9

Essential Public Speaking Skills: Toast Master 101!

Week 10

Hypothesis Driven Research Questions

Week 11

Short term vs Long term research goals!- from lab rotations

Week 12

Writing scientific articles and publications


Social Event

Week 13

Semester Round-Up: Reflections


Dr. Raj Rajnarayanan, Facilitator

Light dinner will be served.


Research Communication Workshops

Spring of the First Year

Sharpen your writing, critical reading, and presentation skills.

Meetings are held weekly on South Campus.

Scientific Communication for Success Workshops

Second Year

The RC and SCS workshops will provide an ongoing opportunity for you to improve your scientific reading, writing, and public communication skills. Emphasis will be on small group peer-mentored activities where participants give and receive feedback on pending projects such as lab rotation reports, public presentations and grant applications.  Through continued reinforcement of the practices first presented in the PDC series, participants will sharpen their communication skills and be expected to gradually assume more of a mentoring role in the workshop activities.  Overall, you will hone your oral presentation and scientific writing skills as you develop and execute hypothesis-driven research. 

SCS meetings are held biweekly on South Campus.

Fall 2010 semester: Tuesdays at 5PM; 124 Farber Hall.

Dr. Margarita L. Dubocovich, Facilitator

Light dinner will be served.



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