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Department of Philosophy
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Buffalo, New York, 14260

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Professor Carolyn Korsmeyer's chief research areas are aesthetics and emotion theory. She recently completed a study of disgust as an aesthetic response entitled Savoring Disgust: The Foul and the Fair in Aesthetics. Her book Making Sense of Taste: Food and Philosophy (1999) explores the neglected gustatory sense of taste and its claims for aesthetic status. She also works in the area of feminist philosophy, and her latest book on this subject is Gender in Aesthetics: An Introduction (2004).

Current Research


Authored Books
Savoring Disgust: The Foul and the Fair in Aesthetics, Oxford University Press, 2011.

Gender and Aesthetics: An Introduction
(Volume in series, Understanding Feminist Philosophy, general editor Linda Alcoff), London: Routledge, 2004.

Polish translation: Universitas, Krakow, 2008. Korean translation Kyungsung University Press. Japanese translation Sanghensha Publishers, 2010.


Making Sense of Taste: Taste, Food, and Philosophy,
Cornell University Press, 1999. (232 pp.)
Paperback edition, 2002.
Chinese translation: Alpha Books Co., Ltd., Beijing, 2000. Spanish translation: Ediciones Paidós Ibérica, Barcelona, 2002. Greek translation forthcoming.


Feminist Scholarship: Kindling in the Groves of Academe,
co-authored with Ellen Carol DuBois, Gail Paradise Kelly, Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, and Lillian S. Robinson,
Urbana: The University of Illinois Press, 1985. (228 pp.)
Paperback edition, 1987.


Edited Books
The Taste Culture Reader: Experiencing Food and Drink, Berg Publishers, 2005.
  Aurel Kolnai on Disgust, edited and with an introduction by  Barry Smith and Carolyn Korsmeyer, Open Court Press, 2004.
Literary Philosophers? Borges, Calvino, Eco, Edited Jorge J.E. Gracia, Carolyn Korsmeyer, and Rodolphe Gasché, Routledge, 2002.

  Aesthetics: The Big Questions, Basil Blackwell Publishers, 1998. (A volume in the series, Philosophy: The Big Questions, general editor, James Sterba.) (366 pp.)
  Feminism and Tradition in Aesthetics, edited with Peggy Zeglin Brand, University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1995. (486 pp.)
  Aesthetics in Feminist Perspective, edited with Hilde Hein, Bloomington, IN: University of Indiana Press, 1993. (252 pp.)

Fiction Writing

In 2001 Carolyn Korsmeyer won the Mark Twain Writing Competition with a chapter that concluded an unpublished story of Twain's. The story can be read at .......

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