I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at University at Buffalo, State University of New York. My advisor is Dr. Chang Wen Chen. I was a visiting student researcher at Stanford University, working with Dr. Bernd Girod in Summer 2016. I interned at Huawei US R&D centre, Santa Clara, CA, in Summer 2014 and 2015, working with Dr. Xin Wang, Dr. Cedric Westphal and Dr. Miao Zhao.

I am a system researcher with a background in mobile computing, networking, multimedia and human computer interaction. My research strives to design human-centered mobile technology for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that will advance human capabilities and experience in working, learning, living and communicating. I emphasize real-world implementation on commercial devices with real data, as well as theoretical development such as data-driven modeling and algorithm design with guaranteed performance and complexity. My current research is focused on mobile visual computing systems, e.g., mobile display, mobile content delivery, and mobile virtual reality, as well as human sensing for healthcare, e.g., in-home sleep monitoring. More details of my research can be found in my research projects and publication list. My full CV can be found here.


12/2016 [Publication]

A paper on smartphone energy efficiency submitted to MobiSys'17

11/2016 [Academic]

I will co-instruct CSE 534 Multimedia Systems in Spring 2017

11/2016 [Publication]

Rate-Distortion-Display Energy profiling for mobile video streaming (PDF) accepted by IEEE TCC

10/2016 [Talk]

Presented my RnB paper (PDF; 1-min video) at MobiCom'16 in New York City

06/2016 [Publication]

ICME'16 paper on content sharing privacy in social networks (PDF) invited to the fast track journal publication in IEEE TMM

06/2016 [Academic]

Started my summer visiting in IVMS at Stanford University

06/2016 [Talk]

Delivered a talk on rethinking the mobile video streaming framework at Stanford University

06/2016 [Publication]

RnB: energy-efficient mobile streaming framework (PDF) accepted by MobiCom'16 (14% acceptance rate)

05/2016 [Publication]

An invited paper overviewing visual content delivery published in Springer Journal of Communications and Information Networks

05/2016 [Publication]

Preliminary work on Rate-Distortion-Display Energy profiling for mobile video streaming (PDF) accepted by ICIP'16

05/2016 [Publication]

Initial popularity prediction of user-generated content (PDF) accepted by ICIP'16

04/2016 [Award & Fund]

Received David M. Benenson Memorial Scholarship from School of Engineering and Applied Science, SUNY Buffalo

04/2016 [Publication]

Multi-dimension access control for content sharing privacy (PDF) accepted by ICME'16 as an oral paper (15% acceptance rate)

03/2016 [Publication]

MAC protocol for body sensor networks (PDF) accepted by IEEE TMC

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