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We are building a database for Upstate Wireless, an AT&T Authorized Retailer located in Buffalo, NY. Upstate Wireless is an AT&T Authorized Retailer located in three cities in the Buffalo area. Their three stores are in Williamsville, Cheektowaga, and McKinley. Upstate Wireless does contract activations and upgrades, sell cell phone accessories, and other AT&T products such as AT&T Wireless Home Phone Service, mifi devices, tablets, and AT&T Digital Life Home Security. Young Cho is the “business expert” of the group because he has actually worked for Upstate Wireless in the past and knows what type of database will be successful for this company. His responsibilities while he was working at Upstate Wireless will be a huge contribution in making our database. Young’s responsibilities were to discuss about all of AT&T products to customers and tried to sell it to them as well. He was also in charge of new employee training and observed if new employees were mentioning and selling the products. His experience will play a huge role since he knows which type of customers will buy which product and that will be important for the database.

The type of system that currently exists in Upstate Wireless is called SellPhones, in which workers are able to ring out customers, and show activations and upgrades made by each sales consultant and store. The system does not show what types of products are sold, only the total amount of activations and upgrades during the month. The database system is going to create customer satisfaction for Upstate Wireless. Upstate Wireless emphasizes on customer satisfaction but they cannot measure how customers are satisfied after a visit to one of their stores due to AT&T sending out a text message to customers who only made changes to their account, and most customers think it’s a survey about the AT&T Corporation and not Upstate Wireless. Another business value that the proposed database is going to create is being able to move strategic products more efficiently. This database is going to move strategic products efficiently by it will keep track of employees mentioning it to customers and the more products being mentioned we believe there will be a higher percentage of products being sold to customers. Also, we believe that customers are not buying the products because they do not know about it, if customers are more informed about the strategic products they will be interested in it and more products will be moved out.

The proposed database is going to help the company monitor the movement of strategic products and see if their employees are actually mentioning the products to customers and most importantly selling these products to the customers. Also, it will help Upstate Wireless better serve their customers based on the type of comments or ratings the customers will leave after a visit to the store. The opportunities that the proposed database system will take advantage of, will be customer satisfaction, movement of strategic products, employee morale, and nonmonetary rewards.

The information that will be generated by the proposed database system will be:

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