Welcome Future Python Programmer!!

In these tutorials, you will learn the basics of Python sytax and programming skills. We will explore basic programming syntax, classes and object oriented programming, and a real world application of Python using file input and output. By the end of these tutorials you will be so skilled at Python that you will be given a Conputer Science degree and will be offered a job at Google, Apple, Microoft or Facebook. So I would start these tutorials as soon as possible!

Table Of Contents:

Lesson 1: Setup and Basic Syntax

Welcome to Python! In this lesson we will first setup your development environment by installing a little bit of software. You will start to learn basic funtions that will make your life as a programmer easier. We will look into varables and all of the differnet types that they can contain. We will also discuss lists and dictionaries which we can store numerous data types.

Lesson 2: Conditions and Loops

Now that we know how a program will execute, we will learn how to change the control flow of the program. We will use the if/elif/else statement, along with the for loop to control the lines that our program executes.

Lesson 3: Classes

So begins the topic of Object Oriented Programming. We now move into the class structure and how objects are created from them. We will look at constructors and other methods which define an objects properties and behaviors. This will require us compile all of our previous knowledge together.

Lesson 4: File Input and Output

Lets make something cool! Python is best used for file reading and writing. This section will require us to use more of our previous knowledge (excluding the classes lesson). We will learn the methods we can call on a file to open, read, write, and close.