Queen Mama has been and will always be the queen and supreme leader of the People's Republic of San Mamarino since the nation's independence from San Marino in 1722. Since then, Queen Mama has financed ambitious architectural projects such as the Taj Mamal - A Temple built entirely from Fig Newtons, Mama's favorite delicacy. Mama loves Fig Newtons so much that she would never be caught dead not holding one, and even declared Fig Newtons as a spiritual and holy substance in her great nation.

Queen Mama's rise to fame began after she won the Doggyvision Song Contest with her platinum hit, Sudan. She has gone on to produce even more hits, such as Stupid Dog and 1722, which is now the national anthem of San Mamarino.

Queen Mama predicts that your lucky numbers are as follows:

447 5346
43 5

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NOTE: This website is completely fictional.