Zachary Hyde


Born here in Buffalo where I attended North Collins School District and graduated in June 2012. Currently I am an Accounting student at the University at Buffalo. I will be earning my Bachelor's Degree in May 2016. I will be applying for the Master's Program in the Fall of 2015.


Do not cry over spilled milk. Quickly clean it up and pour another glass.

Technical Skills

Here at my time at the University of Buffalo, I have completed several projects both solo and in groups and experienced all kinds of real world problems to solve. The completion of these projects required strong dedication and a great work ethic. I had to rely on my partners as they to me to ensure efficiency and and completion before the deadline. As for the solo projects it was up to me to set forth my own schedule and set goals to meet as benchmarks before the deadline. I have reinforced my knowledge of the Microsoft Office software especially Excel. I am very comfotable with the set up and analysis of spread sheets, amortization schedules, and excel functions. I have a basic to intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Access. Through the construction of tables, forms, reports, querys and the macros to connect them for smoother transition between entities. I have used both Word and PowerPoint to prepare presentations that I have had to give in several of my classes. The use for PowerPoint is changing and is often used wrong but I prefer the Zen method to engage my audience for a stronger connection.

Other Skills

Some other skills I have aquired throughout my academic career consist of various skills that I have learned but not mastered. I have taken a spanish course for five years, learning the different tenses and the basic survival questions in spanish. Though I have taken this course for five years I have not mastered the spanish language and only really understand it to a basic/intermediate level but I am able to relearn the language quickly because I have taken it many times before. I have taken a computer science course at UB as well. It was a basic programming course that taught us beginner level logic and functions to program simple compter modules in Java. I have practiced on my own to program small mathematical functions and continue to practice to increase the complexity of these functions for practical use.