Zhuolin Yang

Junior in Computer Science & Student Researcher

Research Project & Development


♦ Interaction Proxies Development
The interaction proxy is an advance technique for improving smartphone application's accessibility. By inserting the interaction proxy between the manifest and the original app interfaces, the visual elements (e.g., layouts, fonts, buttons, etc.) of applications can be modified. My current focus is developing interaction proxies for retrofitting kid's ebooks and games. The goal is to increase the accessibility for junior users with intellectual disability.

♦ Smartphone Application for Rehabilitation
The BigTabTablecloth application is designed specifically for assessments and managements in the rehabiliatation. The app challenges patients' motor control ability by setup a unique series of lights. Users need to touch the green light to turn it off. This app allows physicians and patients adjust many gaming attributes, including the sequence, the size, the color, the time limit and more. Game results (the location and the time of each touch on the screen, the time gap between actions, etc.) and the patient's physical information will be saved in output files for health-related purposes.

BigTabTablecloth01 BigTabTablecloth02 BigTabTablecloth03


♦ Wearable Sensing Device Based Biofeedback System
One balance assessment, Timed Up and Go (TUG), has been widely applied to estimate the fall risk. However, operations in the control clinical setting make the TUG falling short of representing challenges in home and community environments that many seniors navigate. Having information on the motor performance in more complex environments can better inform clinicians about an individual's risk of falling. Smart Insole TUG is an advanced system suitable for the TUG with complex environmental factors. The system consists of a wearable sensing device (Smart Insole), a TUG data analysis module (four refined aspects in the gait feature and six detailed phases in the TUG process), and a matched smartphone software (real-time test results).


Experience & Activity

Intern Experience
UB Career Service (2016)
   - Help building web-based gadgets for the online education related to career developments.
   - The gadgets are in the form of games and questionnaires.
   - Used languages: JavaScript, Html, and CSS

Teaching Experience
No. 3 Senior High School of Shenzhen (2013)
   - A teaching assistant of the course English (listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
   - My objective: grading homework and replying to students’ questions
No. 3 Senior High School of Shenzhen (2012)
   - A teaching assistant of the course Basic Computer Technique (terminal, Excel, etc. )
   - My objective: helping students with the course
Nanshan School Affiliated with China National Institute for Educational Research (2010)
   - A teaching assistant of the course Information Technology (the history of IT)
   - My objective: grading homework

Attended Activity
CSE Ed Week Held by UB CSE Department (2016)
   - Volunteer
UB Hacking (2016)
   - Developed an Android application based on Google Calendar with other 5 undergrads.
   - Acknowledgement: Matthew. Stafford, Aditya Singh Rathore, Patrick Jones, Emily Walker,
                                      and Dakota Lester
GitHub Link (ScheduleMe)
Protect Our Planet Held by the No. 3 Senior High School of Shenzhen (2014)
   - The leader of a student volunteer team
Information Technology Club in the No. 3 Senior High School of Shenzhen (2012 - 2014)
   - A Student Member


Dean's List (Fall 2015)

Top Student Award (2011 - 2012)

Mathematic Contest of Guangdong (2010)
- Third Prize (Provincial Level)


State University of New York at Buffalo (2014 - Present)
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics
My Transcript

The No. 3 Senior High School of Shenzhen (2011 – 2014)

Nanshan School Affiliated with China National Institute for Educational Research (2008 – 2011)