Buffalo Child Care Services Distribution

Second Challenage Project

In my second challenge project, I am going discuss the spatial distribution of Buffalo Child Care Services Distribution

The data contains no coordinates information, so I have to use google Fusion table + Google map API to custuom and visuallize the data.

Click each point to see the detail information

Heat Map

As you can see, there is a clear heat center transation between total number and capacity

Distribution by type of child services

As you can see the family and group child services are easy to form Agglomeration in spatial, I think the reason is relate for local demands, also, these very closed points will be more and more industrialized due to competitive

The child care center, all of them are run by company, the capacity is from 100-400, they are more compelete compared to the previous one. So in the spatial, the Child Care Center is the only one that distribute evenly.