Lab 4

D3 point map

For the first map, it use the qgis css and d3.code to visualize the data to a equirectangular projection map. Also I added the timezone line into the map and set the timezone fill-color: none.





  1. Q1: In the JSON code, manually add a new point with the coordinates -73.66333007812499, 45.4986468234261. What city is this?
  2. A:montreal

  3. How did d3 know to put the generated image into right spot on the page? Which line in the D3 script above controls this? Explain using HTML terminology.
  4. var svg ="#body")

  5. Why did we pick a value of around 90?
  6. To chose America as the center of the svg map

  7. What CSS style would we need to add and where if we wanted to underline the labels?
  8. Under the .place-label sector, "text-decoration: underline"

For the second map, I use d3 hover to indicate each state's land propertities

Hover the mouse over the map