In the first map, I custumized the reference google map to be a thematic map to indicate the position of UB north campus.

Map 2

In the second map, I chose the streets-satellite theme, because I found that's easiler for user to found the price distribution as the distance to some land mark (park or highway) and their neigbourhood.

Hey, Are you sure you don't wanna zoom in and see the satellite picture of your neigbour?

Thanks Tongli for huge help on this Greater China population density map coding.

In the this map, I downloaded the China base geojeson and fixed some sensitive area's value, then apply it into leaflet, make some hover animations

He also made a great chinese population distribution map

Tongli's map

Base map is chosen from the mapbox, then Ctrl+C/V, creat a leaflet CSS, and Ctrl+C/V

Homicide in Buffalo

In the this map, I used the geocoding to convert the name of the place to latitude and longtitude to make this map