roject 1.

Proj 3: Leaflet

In this page, it shows three maps. The first shows UB's location. The second is about vacant houses in Buffalo. The third shows a choropleth map about USA's population density.

UB's Location

This map is composed of three items. The first one is base map, indicating where is the center and the scale. The second is the Stamen watercolor layer, making it look good. The third is a marker, indicating UB's location. I think important procedures in creating this map are refering to leaflet and stamen layer.

Vacant houses in Buffalo

This map shows how the vacant houses are distributed in Buffalo. The first step is to create a new blank map with a proper scale centered in Buffalo. The second step is to add a layer. Here I chose Esri World Street map. The third step is to show the dots by displaying all dots from the "vacant.js" file and stylizing them. The fourth step is to add info and thus when clicking a point, an info about the value and owner will be given. I think the most important step is the function "onEachFeature"

Population Density in USA.

In this map, it shows the population density in all states. The first three steps, creating blank map, base map and data visualization are pretty like the above. The fourth step, adding interaction, is key to make this map. It allows changes in map when mouse activity is detected. The fifth step is adding info, providing more details about data, and it is related with the mouse activities. The sixth step is adding a legend.