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Background for our company

            Our team's project is about simplifying the ordering process for Anderson's Catering department. With the database that we have created it will make it much easier for the end¬-user to enter and store data for catering orders. This will ultimately create business value for Anderson's because it will make the preparation for catering events very simple. In the past there was no such database in place for the company and almost all of the catering orders were done with pen and paper. Anderson's has created very good relationships with their customers which leads to them ordering catering from us on more than one occasion. However, when the same customer calls back and says they will order the same amount of food and ice cream they ordered a few months ago, and Anderson's cannot find that order, it makes us look very unprofessional.

            The database that our team has created will store every order and contact person's information from that company in a very simple system. It will only take a few short clicks to retrieve any previous information that has been stored. Also, when a new order is placed, it keeps it in a very neat format which can be edited and retrieved at any time. This makes it much easier for the catering department to book and plan events. The catering department will know how many supplies to pack and how much food to bring all because the information will be right in front of them.

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