Yin Su


Currently a Ph.D. student in Mathematics department of University at Buffalo

Academic Advisor: David Hemmer

Office: 136 Math Building

Email: yinsu@buffalo.edu

Presentations and Talks

2012/12/03             Classification of finte-dimensional complex semisimple Lie algebras

2013/04/15             Irreducible representations of symmetric groups (part 1)

2013/04/22             Irreducible representations of symmetric groups (part 2)

2014/05/07             Centralizer algebra of symmetric group and affine Hecke algebra (part 1)

2014/05/11             Centralizer algebra of symmetric group and affine Hecke algebra (part 2)


Summer 2017 MTH309J Introduction to Linear Algebra
Spring 2017 MTH306T Differential equations (TA)
Fall 2016 MTH121A/B Survey of Calculus and its applications I

Useful Materials

          My Geogebra:       Parametric Curves       Improper integrals

MTH142 Calculus 2 Lecture Notes (Summer 2016)

MTH306 Recitation Notes of Ordinary Differential Equations (Summer 2012)

Slides: Application of series: Approximation of Pi.