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Introduce of myself

Student profile

Name: Yang Chen
Student ID:50120797
Date of birth: 07/08/1995
Address: 475B wilkeson, North campus


2000-2010: Study at Ithaca high school Ithaca high school
2014-2015: Study at University at Buffalo University at Buffalo

My class schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
CSE111 UGC112 CSE111 UGC111 CSE111
ESL407 PHY107 ESL407 PHY107 ESL407

My plan for study

As a college student, I am planning to become a aerospace engineer. The aerospace program is required average GPA on math and science classes. In order to get into this program,I have to work hard on it. I will study aerospace classes if I get into the program next year. I have heard that these classes are extremely hard, but I will do my best to study it.

My interest

    Vedio Games
  1. League Of Legend
  2. Maple Story
  3. Dragon Nest