Xin Jiang's Home Page - MFC 215

Howdy! My name is Xin, a computer science major student.I love internet,memes,video games
....and stuff like that. And that is why I am here learning how to make website! And I Like It.
I Said I Like it.

Its not me but kinda..

Create Home Page(which is what you see right now)

To old home page!

Create a CSS Page(You will love it)

To Inline page! To Embedded page! To Link page!

Create Table Page(You know its mess)

To Table page!

Create an HTML5/CSS Page(I don't see difference)

To Html5 Page!

Home page modify with div(This one!)

Almost work as refresh

Media print page working stuff

Here you go

Form page!

Here it is!

Create a JavaScript Page

Okay here.

"Wow Me" final project