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My name is Xixian Zhu, and you also can call my English name Cassie. I am a senior from University at Buffalo and expected graduated my bachelor of science in business administration and computer science in September 2017. About my personality, first, I am an open and generous person that my classmates and teachers like me very much. They love talking with me because I am a good listener and give them advises appropriate. Second, I am also helpful and hard working. I always help people actively and try my best. For example, one of my friend did not well in her last semester and lost her confidence. After she had told me, I helped her to make a personal study plan and showed my experiences to her. Third, I am also confident and optimistic. I am always be trusted by my group members and serve as a leader. This semester, I have a lot of group working projects. And I always as a leader to connect with my team members initiative for the group meetings, assigning tasks and deciding the final versions of projects.

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