Map of the Nuclides

This Map to the Nuclides is something like the Chart of the Nuclides. It provides a graphic interface to a variety of data for the nuclides, including level structures from TUNL, radioactive decay data from ENDF/B-VI, raw and interpreted neutron-data evaluations from ENDF/B-VI, Postscript plots of the cross sections, and ground-state masses and properties from Moller & Nix.

In order to minimize the download time for the graphics, the chart is based on a set of maps for different Z ranges: Just select a desired Z range and click on the desired nuclide to see what data are available for that isotope in our data base.

The radioactive decay data are also available using a character interface and the ENDF data can also be accessed through the index to the ENDF/B-VI Neutron Data.

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8 January 1997