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The truth, according to Plato, is stable, unchanging, perfect, and cannot be learned from studying our experiences. We do not seek that truth but instead consider comparative, continuous values in an effort to understand human psychological and sociological cognitive processes. And so it begins...

Galileo was " of the most interesting approaches we came across in our survey of social science approaches that might be suitable for supporting influence operations. In many ways, this theory was the closest any social science approach came to providing a framework for thinking about how to effect attitude changes for planning, conducting, and assessing the impact of influence operations on attitudes and behaviors." from p 20 of Larson, E., Darilek, R., Gibran, D., Nichiporuk, B., Richardson, A., Schwartz, L., Thurston, C. (2009). Foundations of effective influence operations: A framework for enhancing army capabilities. RAND Corporation, RAND Arroyo Center.

A quicktime movie of daily coordinate space from a class project survey about the 2008 US Presidential election is now available. To view the movie go to

The new Catpac bibliography is here! Good job folks...


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