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Volterra's functionals and covariant cohesion of space
(revised October 1998) click here for pdf file

Outline of synthetic differential geometry
(November 1998) click here for pdf file

Toposes of laws of motion
(December 1998) click here for pdf file



Download the following at http://www.tac.mta.ca/tac/reprints/index.html

• Metric spaces, generalized logic, and closed categories
(1973) with new author commentary (2002): Enriched categories in the logic of geometry and analysis

• Functorial semantics of algebraic theories (Thesis 1963) and
Some algebraic problems in the context of functorial semantics of algebraic theories (1968)

with author commentary on both (2004)

• Taking categories seriously
(1986) with author commentary (2005)

• Categories of spaces may not be generalized spaces as exemplified by directed graphs

(1986) with author commentary (2005)

• An elementary theory of the category of sets
(long version 1965) with commentary by Colin McLarty and the author (2005)
• Diagonal arguments and cartesian closed categories (1969)

with author commentary (2006)

• Adjointness in foundations (1969)

with author commentary (2006)

• Comments on the development of topos theory(2000)

with author presentation (2014)





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