F. William Lawvere

University at Buffalo
Department of Mathematics
244 Mathematics Building
Buffalo, New York 14260-2900

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Matematicas Conceptuales, 2nd ed traducción par Francisco Marmolejo de
Conceptual Mathematics, a first introduction to categories, segunda edición
(Cambridge University Press 2009) par F. William Lawvere y Stephen H. Schanuel
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Algebraic Theories & Algebraic Categories
Topos Theory
Computer Science

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In Memoriam

John Isbell 1931-2005:
      John Isbell's Adequate Subcategories, Topological Commentary, Volume 11, #1, 2006 link
Saunders Mac Lane 1909-2005:
     The World of Mathematics Has Lost A Towering Figure, Scientae Mathematicae Japonicae Vol. 63, No. 1, January 2006, pp 9-10.
      Saunders Mac Lane, un matematico, Lettera Matematica Pristem 55, p. 13. English version
      Saunders Mac Lane, New Dictionary of Scientific Biography, 2008
John Beck 1935-2006 posted message
George Mackey 1916-2006 posted message
Aurelio Carboni 1942-2012
Steve Schanuel 1933-2014


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