Jay Stallings

Sixth Year Ph.D. Student

Previous Education
- B.A., Communication Sudies, UNC-Chapel Hill
- Selected Classes, The College of William and Mary
- M.A., Linguistics, University of Virginia

Academic Interests
My Qualifying Paper focused on the documentable history of the English phrasal verb alternation,
via the use of COHA and the Penn Corpora of Historical English.

My dissertation (in progress) will focus on areal linguistics.

I also work on Wampar, an Austronesian language spoken in Papua New Guinea.

More general interests include:
Historical Linguistics
Old English
and my Academic fate has introduced me to two interesting African languages, Edo and Lamnso.

Other Interests
Music, from metal to indie rock to country to blues to world, and more
Science Fiction (especially time travel) and Fantasy
Writing things down at people. Also known as quotes.
ACC Basketball