Haynes-Shockley Experiment

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This applet visualizes the following processes of excess minority carriers in a semiconductor:

If you click on the Stop button, the process stops. The Start button initiates a new process. The Pause/Resume button temporarily halts the process so that the data can be recorded or a momentary snap shot of the process can be examined.

The three checkboxes, N vs. t, width vs. t, and displcmnt vs. t display the data in the lower part of the applet for the total number of excess minority carriers, width of the concentration profile, and the displacement of the peak from its initial position, respectively, as a function of time for the first 100 microseconds.

Due to the long lifetimes of excess minority carriers in a Ge crystal, as compared to the short lifetimes in the Si or GaAs crystal, example is given for a Ge crystal.

You can change the conduction type, bias value, length of the sample, temperature, lifetime, and mobility (of minority carrier) using the bottom panel and examine their effects on the excess minority carrier processes.

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