Challenge Project

A set of maps describing the heroin epidemic in New York, first showing total rehab admssions by county, then healthcare rates of people under 65 and finally by poverty

Made in Carto from data gathered from, esri and the US Census

To make these maps we first had to collect the data on heroin admissions which we got from To put this into a format would could then put into our mapping program, carto, we had to organize it into a CSV format. For this we used excel. To begin putting together our map, we needed a shape file of New York counties that we would put our data on top of, we obtained our shapefile from ESRI.

After we had our admission rates on our shape file we organized it into a chloropleth map by seperating the rates into five buckets and assigned each bucket a color in a diverging color scheme. After this we wanted to think of two different factors that might cause heroin rates to be higher in one area rather than others. We decided to focus on poverty and healthcare rates. The reason we chose healthcare rates is due to the fact that New York state has historically had higher heroin use than most other states, and also the higher healthcare rates so perhaps these two factor were linked. Our hypothosis was that as more people went to the doctor, more people were being prescribed opiods. When their presecription ran out, they would move to the cheaper alternative of heroin.