Project Management

The nature of a Gantt chart is to track progress on a certain project. It can be considered a living document and it must be able to adapt as unforeseen complications arise. We first created the Gantt chart before any work on the project began and it is based on an ideal timeline where no problems occur. This is obviously inaccurate, but is a good template to follow to see if the project will stay on track.

We first started the semester by meeting all of the deadlines but we shortly ran into some problems with the project. We did not have enough of a design element in our project and as such, we would not be able to satisfy the requirements of the class. We decided that we would run the analysis that Dresser-Rand wanted, but we would also design our own power coupling from scratch so that we could fulfill the requirements of the class.

Since we decided to create our own coupling, we needed to drastically change our timeline. Initially we were granted a week extension on the project specification in order for us to generate our own design. This pushed back the immediate class specifications such as the project presentation. Once we unanimously decided on the concept and finished the report and presentation, we were able to get back on track and meet the remaining deadlines. The prototype drawings were created and after some modifications, have been approved.