Welcome To The Page!

Hello, my name is Tyriek Coley!
A student at the University at Buffalo in the Biomedical Science major.

In case you were curious about me, I decided to start with the non-academic Tyriek.

I'm an AVID gamer and I play as much as possible without losing track of my priorities.
In fact just for fun, I will show you a trailer of one of my favorite games. Click the link below! This is Uncharted 3 Please Right Click This Link To Open In New Page
Be Aware This Video Has Music So Mute If You Don't Want To Hear!

Other than the gaming aspect of me, I also enjoy music quite a bit. My tastes range from hip-hop, to jazz, to rock, and even edm.
This is a type of music that is slightly different known as electro-swing.
It's an acquired taste but you have to have a foundation of interst in jazz for it to grow on you. Electro-Swing Collection

Academic Tyriek Unfortunately is fairly simple. I have one major passion which is medicine. More specifically in two fields.

Neurology in reference to brain disorders. Pediatrics.

Last Notes

This is basically all there is to me in conclusion. I'd like to think I'm an average Joe, but hopefully some of my interests appeal to you!
Lastly I again want to thank you for visiting my webpage and if you wish to contact me, a link to email me can be found below!