DMS 110: Midterm Proposal

I plan on creating a duck hunting game in processing for my midterm project. This seems within reason of what we have learned in class this far. In this game the user will aim a shot gun at the ducks flying across the screen. When the user's aim is on spot, the ducks will fall to the bottom of the screen. The user will have to reload the gun. The user will have 30 seconds to shoot as many ducks as possible. When the time is up a screen will show up telling them the game is over and what thier score is.

I have found a great example of this on open processing by Michael Zhou entitled, "Duck Hunt 2014." Although my game will be based on this configuration, my code will be completley original because his code is hard to understand and does not look like what we learned in class.

Searching for and creating a game like this came to mind because my brother is an avid duck hunter. When the game is complete I will give it to him. He will love that I made it for him.

Click here to view my midterm project.