to everything you need to know about Tyler Kinacid

I'm that kid with the fancy gloves and pink boots in that picture. Born in Bradford PA but raised for majority of my life
in Jamestown NY and proud of it. I'm currently a junior Comunication major at UB but before that i attended JCC
for 1 year. I'm a huge sports fan, either playing them or watching them. Basketball, Football and Soccer are at the
top of the list but i also enjoy pool and ping pong. I also love music. Put my phone on shuffle and you will be quick
to see how diverse my taste in music is. I drive a beast of a car, a 2001 Oldsmobile Alero. Built from the hands of
a greek god from the finest resources available, this tank deserves an award for all its been through. Other than that
theres not much to tell. I have a good circle of friends and we seem to make the best out this thing we call life.
If you want to get ahold of me shoot me an email

Here are some websites that I visit frequently