Buffalonian Opinion

Buffalo certainly has old buildings, and its concentrations of poverty have
proven highly resistant to change, but most people who live here would be
hard-pressed to locate the "gray monolithic boulevards" referred to by an
out-of-town journalist.

Alternatively, Buffalo Has Some Historic Sights

The city does have a few "monoliths:" the slab-like bus station and the
nearly windowless City Court Building on Niagara Square, which many
considered the ugliest building in the city. But there is no real
concentration of what the story describes as "the brutalist school of
architecture that flourished in Buffalo from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s."

Buffalo Attractions
Name of Attraction Location Website
Niagara Falls Niagara Falls State Park Link
Buffalo Zoological Gardens 300 Parkside Ave Link
Knox Art Gallery 1285 Elmwood Ave Link
Old Fort Niagara 1 Maintenence Ave Link

Buffalo is a great place to go explore and sightseeing for its
amazing attractions. Many historical sites also defined what
Buffalo is today.