Dr. Wood’s Biography


Troy Wood was born February 11, 1967, in Elkhart, Indiana, and attended college at Indiana University in Bloomington where he majored in chemistry and received a B.S. degree (Honors) in 1989.  Dr. Wood did his Ph.D. research with Professor Alan G. Marshall at the Ohio State University and graduated in 1993.  He then spent two years as a postdoc at Cornell University under the direction of Professor Fred W. McLafferty.  In 1995, Dr. Wood became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University at Buffalo.


In 2000, Dr. Wood founded Nanogenesys, Inc. to develop and commercialize conductive polymer-coated nanoelectrospray emitters; he currently serves as Vice-President.  He was promoted to Associate Professor at the University at Buffalo in 2001.  Dr. Wood also has adjunct appointments at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biophyiscs and Biochemistry and the Department of Structural Biology at the University at Buffalo.  He has co-authored more than 60 papers and two patents.  He resides in Kenmore, NY, with his family.  In 2004, he spent a sabbatical on the island of Sardinia, Italy, at the University of Sassari with endocrinologist Dr. Giuseppe Fanciulli in the Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia. 


Photos of Dr. Wood and the group "on tour".

Dr. Wood and his wife Marie near a beach near the northwestern corner of Sardinia.

Dr. Wood and Yong taking a break outside the Space Needle at the Seattle 2006 ASMS.

Dr. Wood with group alumnus Dr. Paul Bigwarfe at Safeco Field during the Seattle 2006 ASMS.


Here are the bastion walls of Alghero, the beautiful village on the western side of Sardinia.  In the distance is Cappo Caccia with steep cliffs that drop into the sea.

Great things to ponder--Dr. Fanciulli and Dr. Wood try to figure out how to get Kam's shoe off of a neighbor's roof with no equipment.

No matter where we go, the Natural Sciences Complex at UB is still our home.