Library Public Machines - Testing - 6/10/2013

Don't forget the headphones.

Checkoff list is in w:\excelshts\checklist for public workstations.xls


Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome - Try all items in all browsers -

On the Library Research stations be sure that the browser opens to the Libraries home page. On both Library Research and Cybrary stations, the library link should be the left-most link on the favorites bar. Note that Chrome opens to a Google login page and that is ok.

Browser PLUG-INS

ChemDraw from ChemOffice - The easiest one to test against is There is a button down the page labeled: "Access Organic Syntheses via structure and keyword searching -  Requires ChemDraw Plugin" Be sure you have a toolbar visible. This will bring up a structure drawing screen and you can draw on it. It asks to install chemdraw active x control.  After it was allowed, it worked. (WORKING AS EXPECTED)

Alterna.tiff - this active-x plugin is used to view and print patents correctly.  It needs to be set at the default .tiff viewer and quicktime needs to be unchecked as the tiff viewer.  For best results, it should be installed LAST so it remains the default .tiff viewer.  We install the active-x control setting with our script each time someone signs on.  To test, go to, choose patent number search, type in a random patent number, then click on "Images".  The page should display in panes with a toolbar across the top of the patent panel.  If it does not, it means that active-x default .tiff setting has been changed by some other viewer such as quicktime. It requires that you allow the active x control and then it worked. (WORKING AS EXPECTED)

CN3D go to Enter the word "tumor" in the "Search Entire Structure for box at the top. Over 200 hits will be shown.  Click on one to get the record.  Then click on the "View 3D structure button".  Note that you can click on and hold the left mouse button while over the image and then move the mouse to rotate.

MP3 Player

Flash and streaming video


Course Reserve (click on Find Library Materials, Course Reserves). Check (1) pdf from, (2) link from an external database and (3) streaming audio. For a pdf file, choose ENG374, scroll down to one with a URL pointing to Try a MUS course to get streaming audio - MUS115 or MUS116 is a good bet.


Test for presence of Adobe Digital Editions to view e-books.  Make sure you can get well into the book since you can read a few pages without having it installed.

You also need Adobe Digital Editions for eBrary

and EBSCO’s ebooks



Word Viewer - Test from Also test docx here.

Excel Viewer - Test from Also test xlsx here.

Powerpoint - Test from Also test pptx here.

ENDNOTE - (1) Click on Edit, Output Styles and be sure that APA 6th is there. (2) Be sure that SUNY Buffalo connection file is in the Online Search options in the left-hand column. (3) Click on Edit, Import Filters, Open Filter Manager. Scroll down to "SUNY-Buffalo" and be sure it is checked.

UBFS space - Go to My Computer and see if you have your UBFS space.