T J Chevral (T L Thurston)  

"There's plenty of time to sleep when we die..."      


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison
Office: 363 Richmond 4
Phone: (716) 645-0408

Research interests
Dr. Chevral (Thurston) is an archaeologist specializing in northern Europe - Sweden, Denmark and Northern Ireland - with secondary interests in the Caribbean and United States. This research, funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society, concerns the development of the political complexity, especially under conditions of colonialism or imperialism during the late prehistoric, Medieval, and Early Modern periods. Current projects focus on attempted transitions between more egalitarian/heterarchic forms of rule to more centralized and hierarchic structures, and the conflicts between state beaurocracies and agropastoralists in both temperate lowlands and high-elevation, marginal environments. The study of these sequences involves both historically contingent processes, embedded in local knowledge and practice, but also includes comparative, cross-cultural studies of similar sequences in many times and places. Dr. Chevral theorizes these problems through landscape  theory, postcolonial theory, political ecology, focusing on domination and resistance, force vs. power, interethnic conflict, warfare, and the role of identity in political, economic and religious participation and/or exclusion.

Selected publications


Thurston, T L and Roderick B. Salisbury (eds.) 2009. Re-imagining Regional Analyses: The Archaeology of Spatial and Social Dynamics CSP, Cambridge.

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Thurston, T L 2001. Landscapes of power, landscapes of conflict: state formation in the South Scandinavian Iron Age. Springer Scientific, New York


Articles and book chapters

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Thurston, T L 1999. The knowable, the doable, and the undiscussed: tradition, submission, and the "becoming" of rural landscapes in Denmark's Iron Age Antiquity 1999 (3):661-671.

Undergraduate Courses Offered

333 North American Archaeology
437 Celts, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings
420 Gender Archaeology
434 The Archaeology of Sacred Places and Spaces

Graduate Courses Offered

587 Sacred Places and Spaces
589 Complex Societies
609 Gender Archaeology
610 Archaeological Method and Theory
611 Celts, Anglo-Saxons & Vikings
729 Human Impacts on Ancient Environments
731 Landscape Archaeology
733 Analytical Methods in Archaeology