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Welcome to My Final Project Web-Page!
Background Information:
My name is Troy T. Bunge, I am originally a small town called Red Bank on the
New Jersey shore. I am 22 years old and a senior in the Accounting Program UB and
I will be Interning at EY in the Tax Department this coming summer. Next year
I will be attending Graduate School here at UB for my Masters in Accounting.
I previously worked as an assistant cost accountant at Matguard USA, which I was the "Business Expert" for during this project.
General MatGuard Information:
MatGuard is a small, but growing, health care and antiseptic provider, established
8 years ago in Red Bank, New Jersey. MatGuard offers multiple different products that
keeps their athletic consumers happy and clean! They recently received an endorsement
from USA Wrestling but their current database system has not been able to hold up
during times of increased demand. I hope our database can help satisfy customers and
keep MatGuard Strong.

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