Trisha's Student Webpage

About me:

My name is Trisha, and my major is Biology. I am currently trying to get into the biotechnology program at the University at Buffalo (UB). My dream job would be to become a Veterinarian. I would love to work with small animals of all types, and with horses and cows. I am not sure which area interests me the most however, because I love all animals. If I am unable to enter a Veterinary School however, I would like to obtain a job in the animal field, in order to pay off my undergraduate school loans, and then I would look into entering a graduate program. Ideally, I would like to be able to find a job that would be able to pay for my graduate education, or any possible further education past my undergraduate degree. I am currently a registered EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), so if my first two plans do not work out, then I would most likely try to become a paramedic, and then possibly move up from there. I enjoy reading various works of literature, as well as taking my dogs on hikes to all sorts of interesting places, such as the gorge up by Niagara Falls.

Some of my favorite places to hike:

  • Allegany Park
  • Knox Park in East Aurora
  • The Niagara Falls Gorge
  • Emery Park in East Aurora
  • Watkins Glen
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    Places I have visited:

    1. Idaho
    2. Canada
    3. Greece
    4. Italy
    5. Turkey
    6. Islands in the Mediterranean
    7. Indianappolis
    8. New York City
    9. Albany

    Places I would like to visit:

    1. The Caribbean
    2. Japan
    3. Alaska
    4. California
    5. Antartica
    6. Hawaii
    7. Texas
    8. London
    9. Paris