Tolan Almeida
Clemen hall
Buffalo, NY
Email: Twitter: cratiun


To find a job appropriate for my field of study


Work Experience

  1. Position: Doorman/Porter Date:: 2016

    Maintenence in building, and working at the door.
  2. Position: Cashier at Shoprite Date:: 2013

    Worked on the register, as well as supermarket floor when help was needed.

  3. Position: Ride Operator
    Date:: 2014

    Operated rides at themepark, and worked with children as well.

  4. Position: Data entry
    Date:: 2015

    Made spreadsheets of phone transactions made with the company.


  1. Social Skills: My social skills include tutoring high school students, as well as working in cutomer service in several different jobs.

    Excel Skills: I am profficcient in using excel because most of my jobs conisted of creating spreadsheets for several different contracts.