Project 4

I am a GISer!

Project Description

This project includes both converting data to geojson format and creating geojson data. In addition, this is an attemption of D3 for map publishing.

Project Description

This map is an application of D3 for map publishing. The data is from the GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library. The raw data is shapefile data so that the first step is to converting the shapefile data to json. This map includes the animation from D3. When you click one state on the map, the map can zoom in the state which you select.

Q1: In the JSON code, manually add a new point with the coordinates -73.66333007812499, 45.4986468234261. What city is this?

Q2: How did d3 know to put the generated image into right spot on the page? Which line in the D3 script above controls this? Explain using HTML terminology.

var svg ="#body")
Q3: Why did we pick a value of around 90?

To set America as the center of the map

Q4: What CSS style would we need to add and where if we wanted to underline the labels?

.place-label {
text-decoration: underline