About Me

Hi! My name is Theodore Chan. I am currently in my 3rd year of Pre-Pharmacy! (Almost there!) After 4 more hard years of pharmacy school, I aspire to be a pharmacist at a drug store.
I find drugs interesting because they each interact differently within your body. While I'm not studying, I like to relax, hang out and play games with my friends, and watch tv shows!

Heres some links of the interests that I like =) :

1) I like to go on tumblr a lot! I honestly waste a ton of time scrolling through this, but it has so many cool things to look at!

2) Hulu.com has many of the shows that I like. Family guy is a really funny show as well Simpsons!

3) If all else fails, I usually like to go on Facebook and talk to friends and see what's on my newfeed.

I've visited many places before, but there are countless other places around the world that I would like to visit! I would like to travel to:

1) Rome! I heard so many cool stories from my friends that it is an absolutely beautiful place to be

2) The Bahamas. According to my friends that have been on so many cruises, the water there is so clear and blue. So many exotic fishes and overall a great experience

3) London. Even my MOM was there! And I wasn't! It would seem like an interesting place to explore

Golden retriever

I have a golden retriever! He's very loyal and friendly

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