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MCH 311: Chemistry of Drug Action (Fall 2000) Class Schedule

Course Instructor: Thomas Kalman (e-mail: tkalman@acsu.buffalo.edu)
Course Location: Diefendorf 147, South Campus
Course Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00-11:50 AM

Aug. 29


Aug. 31

Historical Development. Functional Groups

Sept. 5

Sources of Drugs

Sept. 7

Drug Development

Sept. 12

Structure-Activity Relationships

Sept. 14


Sept. 19

ADME, Lipophilicity, Binding to Serum Proteins

Sept. 21

Drug Metabolism

Sept. 26

Drug Structure & Biological Activity

Sept. 28

Acid-Base Chemistry

Oct. 3

Drug Targets, Receptors

Oct. 5

Examination #1 (material through September 28)

Oct. 10

NO CLASS (follow Monday schedule)

Oct. 12

Molecular Mechanisms of Drug Action

Oct. 17

Drug-Receptor Interactions

Oct. 19

Receptor Methodology

Oct. 24

Drug-Enzyme Interactions

Oct. 26

Mechanism-Based Enzyme Inhibition

Oct. 31

Selectivity of Drug Action

Nov. 2

Chemistry of Selected Drug Classes. Pharmacodynamic Drugs

Nov. 7

Chemotherapeutic Drugs. Drug Resistance

Nov. 9

Examination #2 (material through Nov. 2)

Nov. 14

Antimicrobial Drugs

Nov. 16

f3-Lactam Antibiotics

Nov. 21

Antiviral Drugs

Nov. 23


Nov. 28

Anticancer Drugs

Nov. 30


Dec. 5

Drug Targeting. ADEPT

Dec. 7

Chemistry of Drug Interactions & Drug Incompatibilities

Note: "material through date" refers to material covered in class by that date, not necessarily to the topic given on the date listed above.

Final examination date and location: as announced.

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Last Modified: Thursday September 7, 2000