t.j. ciccone

aspiring programmer.
future computer scientist.

About Me

Hey there! My name is TJ and I am a student at the University at Buffalo pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I love technology and learning. I find computers and electronics fascinating a, looking for ways to broaden my knowledge every day. I am interested in programming and network security such as ethical hacking and penetration testing. I also like tinkering with electronics during my free time. I am hoping to graduate and get a job in cyber security or as a software engineer. I am also planning on going on to pursue a graduate degree in either artificial intelligence or cognitive science. When I'm not messing around with computers I love to read in my spare time. Fantasy, cyber-punk, and non-fiction are a few of my favorite genres. I highly recommend anyone to take a look at anything writen by Noam Chomsky, my favorite intellectual and the father of Linguistics and Cognitive Science. I try to stay active as much as possible and am very passionate about snowboarding and hiking. Finding a balance between screens and nature is important to me. I am optimistic about the future and hope that an education from a top research university and my own curiosity will open many doors for me.

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient
is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion,
but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.
-Noam Chomsky

Some books I recommend...

  1. Fiction
  2. Nonfiction