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Hi, I am a native of Rugao如皋, Jiangsu 江苏, China. (Ah, my name! Yes, it is Huang Can. But as it is homographic with the English word “can” and as I don’t want to be called [kaen], I figured going phonetic might help…) Anyway, I am a native speaker of a variety of Rugaohua (a Jianghuai Mandarin dialect) and speak Putonghua (i.e. Standard Mandarin) as a second language/dialect. I like both of them but would choose Rugaohua if I were only allowed to keep one of them. Why the little-known dialect? Rugaohua keeps vestiges of checked syllables 入声, although the historical */-p, -t, -k/ codas have long gone, replaced by a rather weak glottal stop.


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Contact Information

Mailing address:

609 Baldy Hall

Department of Linguistics

Buffalo, NY 14260


Office:  614 Baldy Hall

Phone:                      716-645-2177

Fax:                             716-645-3825

E-mail:                        thuang3-at-buffalo-dot-edu



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Research Interests and Projects





·             Tonal interaction and tonal realization in Rugaohua

1.         PDF preprint of Huang_2011 (please check JCL Vol. 39 No.1, pp.149-176 before citing)

2.            “Light-toned” syllables in the Chinese dialects (NACCL-24 presentation slides)


·             VOTs in Oneida plosives

1.         PDF of Huang_Michelson_2007_handout

2.         PDF of Huang_Michelson_2007_presentation slides



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