Tom Dybas
Tom Dybas

Personal Information

Name: Tom Dybas
Address: 69 Maple ct. Apt 2


Year College Major
2011-2014 St. John Fisher College Physics - Pre-engineering
2014-2015 SUNY University of Buffalo Civil-Engineering

My career goals:

I hope to graduate from both University of Buffalo and St. John Fisher College with degrees in Physics and Civil-Engineering. After completing my education I hope to continue working with the NYSDOT as I have been for the past two summers. After working for a while in New York, I hope to move south and either work for another state DOT or get a job with a contracting firm and enjoy warmer weather and lower taxes.

Job Experience


  1. Fluent with acrGIS software
  2. Fluent with autoCAD software
  3. Proficient at reading project planning documents
  4. Good written and spoken communication skills
  5. Proficient with Microsoft Excel and Word

This is my Lab 2