PGGURP information for mentors

PGGURP will pay for:

  1. intern travel to and from your research site
  2. intern housing
  3. a cost-of-living stipend to the student
  4. Up to $1000 for the student to present PGGURP research at a national conference

Mentors will:

  1. Supervise the student for 8 weeks during the summer (dates TBD between you and the intern)
  2. Help the student locate local & affordable housing
  3. Help the student craft an LPSC-style abstract at the end of the internship

Interested? Send an email to Tracy Gregg with the following information:

  1. A 1 - 2 paragraph description of the PGGURP project
  2. Skills the intern is required to have to conduct the proposed research
  3. Skills it would be nice the intern had.




Other Internship Opportunities
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