March 12, 2015


A message from Dr. Gregg:

We received a record-high number of 141 applications this year. As of March 9, 2015, we have selected and placed 10 interns with NASA-funded mentors--giving a selection rate of 7%. No further selections will be made for summer of 2015.

If you weren't selected, please consider applying again next year. As an undergraduate, you're eligible until you begin taking graduate-level courses, so many of you who applied this year will be able to try again next year.

I wish you luck as you pursue your future!

--Dr. Gregg

NASA Undergraduate Internship: Summer 2015

We pair qualified undergraduates with NASA-funded investigators at research locations around the country for 8 weeks during the summer. Students will spend the summer at the NASA scientist's home institution.

Applications are due Monday, February 2, 2015, and contain:

  1. online application form
  2. two letters of reference
  3. official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions.



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