FrontPage Editor 2000 Workshop

Welcome! Today, I will be learning how to use FrontPage to build my own web site.  To start with, my name is Tedros.  For now, this page will be used to demonstrate what I learn in the FrontPage Editor workshop.
  In this workshop, I will be taught how to add and modify content and how to change the appearance of the content.  In addition, In addition, I will also learn how to add images, hyperlinks, and horizontal lines. 


..He had not yet been hit

 but smiled

 comforting his companions,


his companions.

 Dreams possess me

 and the dance 

of my thoughts...

My Grocery List


My Schedule

  1. Wake up

  2. Get out of bed

  3. Brush my teeth

  4. Take a shower

  5. Get dressed

  6. Eat breakfast

  7. Go to school

  8. Eat lunch 

  9. Go home

  10. Call friend

  11. Watch TV

  12. Eat dinner

  13. Brush my teeth

  14. Go to sleep


Lunch Menu

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Click here to go to the UB Law School site

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