About me

I am a graduate student at State University of New York at Buffalo, majoring in Computer Science. I have completed my Bachelors from Mumbai University, India. After my bachelors, I have worked with Infosys Ltd. for two years, where I completed a 4-month training in Java EE with a score of 90%. As a part of the training, I worked on a project for developing an e-commerce platform using JDBMS and JSF,JSP.

What Drives me

Software Development

I love coding. I have professional experience as software developer for Infosys, where I worked on Java enterprise application, and as a developer. Also, I have worked with SQL queries for data extraction. I have a strong knowledge of Object Oriented Languages such as Java, Python and C++. I am proficient with SQL queries. I also worked with front-end languages such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery to develop websites and web applications.


There are always new tools being developed that can make our work simpler and I love exploring them.
As a part of my coursework for projects, I have used Apache Solr and R where I had to index tweets to solr and then performed topic modeling to determine the subtopics of tweets. At Infosys I worked on Eclipse IDE. Apart from this I also have a working experience in Maven, Git and Linux.  


Leisure activities

In my spare time I love Gaming. I like playing action adventure games such as Assasin's Creed, Skyrim, Witcher etc. I am also a great fan of comics and superhero series. I am an avid reader and thoroughly enjoy company of books. I prefer mystery/ thriller novels. I can easily get lost in the world they encompass within.
I like watching sci-fi, mystery, thriller movies and shows.
I enjoy travelling and exploring new places.


Search Engine for Tweets

Sep 2016-Dec 2016

For this project, we indexed around 12000 tweets to Apcahe Solr for #Christmas. The aim was to build a information retrieval system for tweets that would model the topics from the tweet corpus and provide summary for the modelled topics dynamically.The tweets were collected using java twitter4j library and for achieving the topic modeling we implemented LDA topic modeling in R. Each tweet was then mapped to one of the modelled topics. For each subtopic there was textual, pictorial and tweet summary was displayed. The front-end was developed using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery. You can view a demo here.

Detecting Circles using Hough Transform

Oct 2016-Dec 2016

Hough transform algorithm was implemented in Python using NumPy and openCV to detect circles in the input image. We used simple blob detector to optimize the radius range for the program to work on. The program draws circles over points in the image and the points satisfying circle equation are added to the accumulator array and after filtering further, detected circles are drawn on input image and displayed.

Improved Search using Opinion Mining using .NET

Jan 2014-May 2014

The project was aimed at reducing user time used for searching documents on search engines by filtering the search results in background in real time and only displaying the relevant results. The application successfully processed the results provided by search, based on word frequency. The application was developed using Visual Basic and VB.NET.

Library Management System

Sep 2012-Dec 2012

Developed Library database management system using RDBMS. Created the database in Oracle SQL and the front end was designed using Visual Basic. The data connectivity was achieved using JDBMS. The system allowed to register new users, borrow books, view available books, view user profiles etc.

Algorithms Implemented

Sep 2016-Dec 2016
  • Prims algorithm using MinHeap to determine shortest path.
  • Longest common subsequence using dynamic programming.

  • Discrete Fourirer Transform..
  • Edge detection using Zero crossing
  • Region merging using neighbouring pixel values.

Web Security and Symmetric Key Crypto Implementation

Oct 2016-Nov 2016

The primary goal of this Project was to understand web application security. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) was used to learn about the injection flaws such as SQL Injection, String Injection using virtual sandbox in linux environment. Additionally, it helped understand the best practices and countermeasures to protect web applications against such exploits. Also implemented poly alphabetic substitution cipher to encrypt the given text.

Contact me

                                                                                                            86 Merrimac St, Buffalo, NY-14214