Database Project: Project Proposal

Recitation: A_5

Group Number: 1

Group Members: Bradley Anhouse, Andrew Alessi, Tara Bodziak, Dong Ho Choo, Catherine Galati

Date: 2/18/11


For our project, we have decided to create a database for EnergyMark, LLC.EnergyMark, LLC is a local natural gas supplier located in Amherst, NY.†† The database we plan on creating will be a customer information database that will store all customer information including, but not limited to: Customer ID number, Customer name, Contactís first and last name, Current rate plan, and Term date.The system which is currently in place is a simple excel spreadsheet which is divided up by customer enrollment date.There is no current database in place that has all every customerís information in one single document, spreadsheet, or database.


 The database that will be created will be a comprehensive customer database.  As mentioned before, no such system exists for the organization.  One of the largest concerns the company is currently facing is an issue with multiple companies enrolling a single customer.  This issue is not any way a part of EnergyMarks operations, and has mainly been caused by a competitor taking advantage of customers lack of knowledge in regards to the natural gas industry and using ploys to re-enroll customers who have canceled their plans to receive their energy supply from EnergyMark.   Our top tactic in attempting to retain these customers is to offer them a usage projection to show them the money they can save by staying with EnergyMark The business value that this database offers is the ability to create usage projections for every customer and have that information already in the database for easy access.  Currently, we have a single template for usage projections in a shared network folder, and when a usage projection is created, it is printed out to present to the customer but the original template is unchanged, nor is the projection saved.  If a customer requested to review their projections for a second or even a third time, we would have to recreate their entire projection.  By creating this database, we will have easy access to these projections which will save much needed time. 


In the future, we plan to implement the information for the 10,000 active customers.The current names in the database are for demonstration purposes only.When we have the opportunity to run reports for thousands of customers, the benefit will be much greater.When the database has been completed, the template will be handed to Neil Donhauser, who currently works IT for EnergyMark, LLC.At that point, he will import all of the customer information into the database and develop a backup strategy.He will primarily be in charge of the maintenance of the database.