Thomas St. Pierre


444 Baldy Hall


University at Buffalo
Department of Linguistics
609 Baldy Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260


I am currently a PhD student at the University at Buffalo specializing in psycho-/neurolinguistics. I teach Linguistic courses in the Linguistics Program and German courses in the UB German Program, and have previously taught ESL courses in the Intensive English Institute at Ball State University and the American Language Program at Columbia University.

Broadly speaking, I'm interested in how speaker-specific information influences language processing, and more specifically, how speakers adapt to the speech of nonnative speakers. Currently, I am investigating adaptation to lexical errors (e.g., a non-native labels a broccoli floret with the word *cauliflower instead of broccoli) and also errors in subject-verb agreement (e.g., Where *is the glasses) using the visual world paradigm. I have also looked at consistent errors in grammatical gender marking in German using eye-tracking data being collected at the University of Cologne in collaboration with Andreas Brocher. In the future I would like to investigate the degree to which adaptation is modulated by language attitudes.

I am also the President of the Cognitive Science Graduate Student Association, an interdepartmental organization consisting of graduate students interested in cognitive science who meet once a month to discuss each other's research.