Recent Articles

Attention Phenomena
Foreword to the volume Methods in Cognitive Linguistics
Recombinance in the Evolution of Language
Combinance in the Evolution of Language: Overcoming Limitations
The Representation of Spatial Structure in Spoken and Signed Language
The Fundamental System of Spatial Schemas in Language
Written Interview on my work - Part 1: Lexicalization and Typology
      -- conducted by Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuqano
Written Interview on my work - Part 2 - Language and Cognition: Past and Future
      -- conducted by Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuqano
Cognitive Semantics: An Overview (Revised Version)
Properties of Main Verbs - appearing in: Cognitive Semantics, volume 2 number 2. 2016
Foreword: Past, Present, and Future of Motion Research
      -- includes: neglected aspects of Motion research
"Noun" -- encyclopedia entry
Universals of Semantics
The Mind and the Strangest of Languages
      -- written interview conducted by Konrad Szczesniak
How language aims at a target
      -- the cognitive system underlying deixis and anaphora
Relating Language to Other Cognitive Systems: An Overview
      -- how language relates structurally and evolutionarily to cognition