Recent Articles

Attention Phenomena
Foreword to the volume Methods in Cognitive Linguistics
Recombinance in the Evolution of Language
The Representation of Spatial Structure in Spoken and Signed Language
The Fundamental System of Spatial Schemas in Language
Written Interview on my work - Part 1: Lexicalization and Typology
      -- conducted by Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuqano
Written Interview on my work - Part 2 - Language and Cognition: Past and Future
      -- conducted by Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuqano
Cognitive Semantics: An Overview (Revised Version)
Properties of Main Verbs - appearing in: Cognitive Semantics, volume 2 number 2. 2016
Foreword: Past, Present, and Future of Motion Research
      -- includes: neglected aspects of Motion research
"Noun" -- encyclopedia entry
Universals of Semantics
The Mind and the Strangest of Languages
      -- written interview conducted by Konrad Szczesniak
How language aims at a target
      -- the cognitive system underlying deixis and anaphora
Relating Language to Other Cognitive Systems: An Overview
      -- how language relates structurally and evolutionarily to cognition