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Bill Sylvester Reads His Poetry

Vox Audio, Bruce Holsapple, <= st1:City w:st=3D"on">Magdalena NM


Based on tape recorded in the Poetry Collection, Dec= . 2005

Emptied of All Ships,

Stacy Szymazek

Ecopoetics no.4/5&n= bsp; p.168


 Jonath= an Skinner

111= Bardwell St. Lewiston ME 04240  2004-2005

Juliana Spahr

Ecopoetics, no.4/5

p. 171


Jonathan Skinner

111= Bardwell St. Lewiston ME 04240 2004-20= 05

We’ll let you know

if we see a problem

Drill. no. 6, fall np


House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, Michael= Slosek

A Suite: Musky Smell of Learning

Drill. no. 6, fall np


House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, Michael= Slosek

Two Water Touches

Two Gams for Two Mates

Gam  no= 4  spring pp.27-32


gam a biannual survey of Grea= t Lakes writing. 140 E. Concordia Mi= lwaukee, WI53212 gam nou= n A social meeeting of two or more waleships...the two captains remaining for time on board Moby Dick.

Editor: Stacy Szymaszek. Cover: Robert Del Tredici “Dancing CoelacanthsR= 21; Makkovik Labrador” Block Print


Drill # 4 Fall np


Michael Slosek  House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, IL

Making Love Not.


Drill Issue 3 np


House Press, Buffalo /Chicago, Michael= Slosek (Includes:

Stolen From Eric Gelsinger. and  Love Valves and Compression

A = Lake Poem for Lakers

gam no. 2 Spring&nb= sp; pp.8-12


gam a biannual survey of Grea= t Lakes writing. 140 E. Concordia Mi= lwaukee, WI53212 gam nou= n A social meeeting of two or more waleships...the two captains remaining for time on board Moby Dick.

Editor: Stacy Szymaszek

Two Poems: Adamant, From Inform to Information

House Organ no 42 Spring (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 4410= 7

Two Poems: Adamant, From Inform to Information

House Organ no 42 Spring (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 4410= 7

Storied Criticism--Leslie Fiedler

Kiosk, No. 2 np


A Journal of  of Poetry Poetics and Experimental Prose. <= st1:City w:st=3D"on">Buffalo NY. Editors: Gordon Hadfield, Sasha Steensen and Kyle Schlesinger

Stamping Out Immorality With  Insects and Spiders

Earth’s Daughter 59/60

(Sheet of Postage Stamps Inserted)


Earth’s Daughters Collective, Kastle B rill, Joan E. Ford, Joyce Kes= sel, Patricia Colvard, Bonnie Johnson, Robin Kay Willoughy, ryki Zuckerman PO = Box 41 Central Park Station, Buffalo NY 14215 Dedicated to Robin Kay Willoughby-1/9/48-9/1/2002

1956 Charles Olson

The Year Everything Chanaged

Side Show Magazine

Vol. 1 No. 2  np


Turnstyle Press 3313 N. Southport # 1B Chicago  IL

60657  = Ed: Mark Knapke,

Winter: When Vikings Went South to Britain

NO EXIT v. viii n.4 p.6



No Exit PO Box 454, South Bend Indiana 46624-0454

Mike Amato Ed

Nobody Writes a Love Poem

House Organ no.34

(Entire Issue) Spring


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 4410= 7


Natalie Turns Generic, Millenium Marriage

Basinski  A Zine of the Arths Issue no.6


Edited by Natalie Basinski. Checks payable to Natali= e  6+

“...four side show”

Side Show Magazine

Vol. 1 No. 1 backcover


Turnstyle Press 1826 W. School St. #2  Chicago IL 60657  Eds: Mark Knapke, Michael Haefli= nger

Political Horn Book

And What Rough Beast

Poems at the End of the Century  pp. 170-171


Ashland Poetry Pres= s, Ashland University= , Ashland Ohio 44805. Editors: Robert McGovern, Stephen Haven. Cover “Surely Some Revelation is at Hand (W.B.Yeats 1920) J= ohn Thrasher

What did I do...

Bu= rchfield Penny Art Center Nov 1-Dec 21       &nbs= p;    


Bu= rchfield Penny Art Center, Don Metz = Head Administration , News Letter

Lisa Brown, Editor Buffalo State College, Buffalo = NY.

--of coming to be

No Exit vol 6 no 2 p 1



No Exit Press PO Box 454 South Bend Indiana 46624-0454   Editor:  Mike Amato.       &nbs= p; Jacqueline Dickey contributed 5 unusually attractive examples of h= er art: polaroid transfers, with some unexpected titles: She Bottled the Sin= s of Ex-Lovers  and also I Never = Felt So Articulate.       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;                  &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;        


Homage to Gerald Burns

House Organ No. 24 Fall (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 4410= 7

War and Lechery the Poem

Ashland= Poetry Press


Robert McGovern

War and Lechery Part II (Second Version Part  II before Book)

Exquisite Corpse, No. 51, pp13-21


Illino= is State Universiity Unit for Contemporary Literature

Campus Box 4241, Normal Illinois 61790-4241

Editor Andrei Codrescu.  (Includes  Anselm Hol= lo, Tom Clark, James Laughlin, and Art by Gerald Burns)

War and Lechery Part II

House Organ No. 10 Spring (Entire Issue)


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 4410= 7 (First of the three states for Part II)


Cockles by the Sea

Maggi Meyer Listening.

Reeks of Joy

Scarecrow Poetry The Muse in Post Middle Age. p 128-= 130


Ashland Poetry Pres= s, Ashland University= , Ashland Ohio 44805. Editors: Robert McGovern, Stephen Haven Includes Robert Bly, Robert Creeley, X.J. Kennedy, Lisel Mueller,. W.D. Snodgrass, Gary Snyder, John Updike These three poems in #46 pp 6-12 Illinoi  ?

War and Lechery The Poem (Second Version of first ha= lf)

Exquisite Corpse No 46 pp6-12


Illino= is State Universiity Unit for Contemporary Literature

Campus Box 4241, Normal Illinois 61790-4241

Editor Andrei Codrescu Issue Includes “Goodbye” by Robert Creeley

Keep Off the Grass

Wild Life Exhibit Family Approved



Nothing to Worry About



? House Organ?

War and Lechery The Poem

House Organ No. 5 Winter (Entire Issue)



House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewood, Ohio 4410= 7 (First of the three states)


Wish Full

House Organ no 3 June


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren, 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewoo= d OH 44107<= /st1:PostalCode>

Saw Mill

House Organ no.2


House Organ c/o Kenneth Warren, 1250 Belle Avenue Lakewoo= d OH 44107<= /st1:PostalCode>

Fever Spreading into Light

Fever Spreading into Light :Five Lectures on the Sou= rces of Energy in Writing Ashland= Poetry Press, pp i-iv, 1- 70


Ashland Poetry Pres= s, Ashland Ohio, 44805

...map to the Kingdom

Cf: Fever Spreading into Light pp 67-70.


Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland Ohio, = 44805 (The poem is not printed elsewhere)

Heavy Metal from Pliny



Ashland= Poetry Press

Let Us Now Ponder Great Big Rub Out

80 on the 80’s, p.11


Ashland Poetry Pres= s, Ashland University= , Ashland Ohio 44805. Editors: Robert McGovern, Joan Barranow. Dedicated to Richard Snyder co/founder editor Ashland Poetry Press (1925-1986)

Let Us Now Ponder




The Eye is a Piece of Brain Touching Light



Collegian Ashland Universiy

Poetics Generated by




Lists  = ?




“Department of Creativity”

ACCENT, Ashland University,  Summer


Published by Ashland Uniiversity’s Public Rela= tions Office, Ashland Ohio., 44805

“We  had a free weekend until they wanted to see the grandchildren”

Swift Kick  #5/6 np


Swift Kick 1711 Amherst St Buffalo NY 14214.

Robin K Willoughly

Hoffman Angelou Mottram

Contemporary Poetry

3rd edition



Prince and Populist

Reporter  Dec 8



Listening to Maggi Meyer

Poettalk Vol 15


Berkele= y CA


Em= pire State College?


Dedekind Reprints

The Summer She Died

Swift Kick  #5/6 np


Swift Kick  1711 Amherst St Buffalo NY 14214<= /st1:PostalCode>.

Robin K. Willoughby

Three Poems

Swift Kick


Swift Kick  1711 Amherst St Buffalo NY 14214<= /st1:PostalCode>.

Robin K. Willoughby

R.O.M and other poems



Privately printed

Collage (of Robert Duncan

Jimmy and Lucy’s House of “k” 3 Ja= n. p35


LUCY’S HIP 2719a Stuart St. Berkeley, Ca. 94705

JIMMY’s House 1815 Piedmont 6 Oakland Californ= ia 94611

Ed.s Benjamin Frieldland , Andrew Schelling

Write a Poem for My Girl

Buffalo= News June 2


Buffalo NU

Joel Oppenheimer Talks About His Poetry

Credences: A Journal of Twentieth Century Poetry and Poetics,

New Series, vol 3,&= nbsp; no 3 , Fall


Credences: publication of The Poetry/Rare Books Coll= ection of the University Libraries 420 Capen Hall, ,State University of New York= at Buffalo, NY 14260

Creeley & Marisol



Oronoo Maine.

After Aelian

Funds—Burchfield Center


Buffalo= NY

When My Neighbour’s Daughter Spreads Her Legs = to Play the

 Cello<= /p>

Reprint courtesy of William L. Morris, Editor Poetry= Page, Buffalo News




Spring Publishing


Texas<= /st1:State> (Revised, reprinted)

Creeley, Duncan, Zukofsky

Sagetrieb vol 2 no. 1



Sagetrieb, A Journal devoted to poets in the Pound-HD-Williams tradition. Senior Editors: Basil Bunting George Oppen Editor Caroll F. Terrell, Executive Editor Burton Hatlen

Melody Moves the Light

Sagetrieb Spring pp97-104


A Journal devoted to poets in the Pound-HD-Williams tradition. Senior Editors: Basil Bunting George Oppen Editor Caroll F. Terrell, Executive Editor Burton Hatlen

John Matthias

Credences  New Series 1/1/pp




Literary Review ?Vol 27 pp 26 27



Dig the Flower Children

Revision of Elegy to



I know everything about modern art but I don’t= know what I like




Bring in the red wheelbarrow, stupid, it’s beg= inning to rain 



Reprinted Thanks to William L. Morris, Editor Poetry= Page, Buffalo Evening News ©1982 Dedekind Reprints,  Buffalo NY.  

Honky in the Woodpile



Ashland= Poetry Press

Flame Reproachfully Called Puritan



Concordia? Canada

Romanticism and Other Problems in Mathematics



Niagara Magazine<= /p>

Barely in the Locker Room




A triumph like that can spoil everything




A Patch Maps out to the Globe Identically Green̵= 7;s Even In Winter the Proof by Half Sphere’s follows



Typed on 8 ½ by 11 folded to 4 ¼ by 5 ½. In ink: “By Bill Sylvester Veighsmere Press Buffalo NY  Sherry Robbins Production Manage= r.

Hookerlumps in the Love Canal

70 on the 70’s p.11


Ashland Poetry Pres= s,Ashland College, Ashband Ohio 44805

Editors:  Robert McGovern, Richard Snyder

Keeping Abreast

Kansas Quarterly vol 13 no. 3-4, Summer-Fall


Kansas Quarterly Department of English Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas 66506

Beet  M= ovement

Chelsea= 40 pp 112-116




80 on the 80’s


Ashland= Poetry Press

Space Notes Around October in the Railroad Earth

Moo= dy Street Irregulars, a Jack Kerouac Newsletter p 11 Summer Fall



Late Romantic Ending

Spree V. 14 no 2<= /p>




Colman : the Gallo Roman


Comparative Literature Studies


Title Poem 70 on the 70’s


Ashland= Poetry Press

Lines Upon Karl Gay’s Leaving the Poetry Colle= ction

Single typed page, reprinted


Essentialy for Karl Gay and the staff of the Poetry Collection

Can’t Right

Spree Winter p. 1= 07 ff


Spree 4511 Harlem Road Buffalo NY, Editor Gary L. Goss=

John Winthrop

Inc. #3 Just Buffalo Press, p 24


Acknowledgment: Arts Development Services, :Bflo, N.Y. for a National Endowment for the Arts re-grant. Also special thanks to the New York State Council on the Arts. typeset by Debora Daley, Edited John Daley. Includes= poems by Ed Sanders, Alice Notley, John Clarke, Dennis Maloney, Sonia Sanchez J= oel Oppenheimer an d Ted Berrigan.

Two Poems:
Cepka  and Cigler

Aurora<= /st1:City>, The Novum Centrum Journal vol 1 no 1 March pp.42 43


Novum Centrum: a non profit corporation for the arts=

131= 7 Genesee St Rochester NY 146111

“Jonathan Ketcham’s transition from Stanford to Bufcfalo resulted in the establishment  of a scholast= ic center in Clarence NY”

White Noise

Aurora The Novum Centrum Journal vol 1 no 2  © 1979


Auror= a PO Box B Rochester N Y  14609. Editor Keating Gore

she doesn’t care for...



Just Buffalo Readings ADS/NEA  regrant Nov 3, ’78 Unsigned design.  Raymond Federman= 217;s “Letter to a Friend” on one half.

Poster Poem




Robert Creeley’s Poetics I know that I hear you



Pp 193-210 Journal lost. Boundary 2 Spring Fall 192-= 210

F.M Stereo Your Public Radio Poem




“...your father tells you”

Aspect: Poetry, Fiction, Reviews No. 69 Oct-Dec. 1976 ©1977


Aspec= t, Inc. 66 Rogers Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144

Editors: Edward J. Hogan and Carol A. Trowbridge.

Romanticism and Other Problems in Mathematics

The Niagara Magazine Number 8 Fall, pp50-52


This issue had Michael Casey as guest editor .

Niagara Magazine = Neil Baldwin, Editor. 195 Hic= ks St Brooklyn NY 11201

Telephone Bills from the Indians: a cento of Puritan=   voices

Xerox, stapled 28 p



Concordia University, Summer Institute 1976

Leonard Mendelsohn, Director


Elegy for the Flower Children


Concordia Montreal


Une histoire touchante



Aspect = Cambridge MA no. 69 p37


Entry on Hoffman Reprinted

Contemporary Poets



Policy is the Best Honesty

North Stone Review nos. 5-6  p. 182


No= rth Stone Review University Statio= n Box 14098<= /p>

Minneap= olis Minnesota  554= 14 Ed. James Naiden 1974-75

Four Books



North Stone Review

Litotes as a Life Style

Kansas= Quarterly Fall



The Bargain

Perspective pp. 29-34


English Departmeent, Stat= e University of New York, Potsdam NY 13676 Editors Maria LoBalbo, Anthony Boyle, Allen Hoey, Krishna Bal= dev Vaid, Galand W. Pettys

Curses Omens Prayers



Ashland= Poetry Press

Waging Love

Iowa Review Summer p.42


English department SUNY Potsdam NY 13676 Editors Mar= io LoBalbo anthony Bo Allen Hoey, Krishna Baldev Vaid, Garland W. Pettys

History Is Questioning

Begging Song from the Greek

Chelsea= 30-31p.81-82



Fragment for



Puerto Rico

Pos elenee sta hellenike





Anthology of Greek Drama


Spring Publications,  Dallas Texas

(Reprint Originally Published Indianapolis c1972 Bobb Merrill  Eds Albeert Cook , Edwin Dolin

The Clown

Puerto Rico

Rapport Vol 1 Nos.2,3


The Slow Loris Press, 95 Rand Street Buffalo, NY 14216<= /st1:PostalCode>

Editors:  Tony Petrovsky, Rob Swigart

Prayer for Young Lovers

Omens in Wheat

Oyez Ch= icago 6-1 p.8



Je pige, eidw

Et maintenant no 3


Buffalo= NY

Two Poems

We live in a happening

D.C. Gazette v iii n. 5 p5 Dec 15


109= 8th St. NE Washington D.C. 20005

Ed:Sam Smith

From a Set of Inconsistencies

Contempora May-August vol 1. no 6.

Pp 7 -8


Contempora Inc. 74 Peachtree = St. PO Box 673 = Atlanta George. Editor Paula G. Put= ney. Includes a poem, Farmer’s Daughter by Annie Dillard

Id est

D.C> Gazette 3-5 p. 5


Washin= gton D.C>


Grass Roots Forum, p 3, Jan 25


Grass Roots Forum&n= bsp; San Gabriel CA

Barbarous Knowledge







College English 29-1 pp 52-8

The Honky in the Woodpile

60 on the Sixties


Ashland Poetry Pres= s, Ashland College , Ashland Ohio 44805 Ed: Robert McGovern.

Homage to Daniel Hoffman

Voyages, a National Literary Magazine Winter vol 2 n= o 1 and 2


203= 4 Allen Place, NW, Washington 20009 Printed by Community Pr= ess, Culpepper, Virginian. Editor William F. Claire

A cross tick

60 0n the 60’s


Ashland= Poetry Pres

The Existence of a Disjunctive Principle in Poetry

College English January  pp 265 272


Original Issue Lost (?)


College English



The Self is Slurred

Nimroe 12-1 p 2






Polemic,  Winter 1966 vol xi no 1 p 20



Western Reserve University (published by the student of Flora Stone Mather College, Adelbert  Colle= ge, Cleveland College (Includes Robert Bly, John Updike)

The Waverings of Will

Audit  = v. 4 no. 2pp. 17-23


AUDIT/POETRY INCORPORATED 180 Winspear Ave.Bufalo NY 14214. Editors:   Michs= al Anania, Charles Doria, Managing Editor:&= nbsp; Betty Cohen

Missed Her Slumber  

Radio Play


WCVM Cl= eveland

Jonson’s Come My Celia and Catullus

CARMEN V ad lesbiam

Explicator Vol. xxii, no. 5 January


The Explicator,&nbs= p; Box = 10, University of South Carolina Co= lumbia, SC



Assertions of Virtue

Western Humanities Review Winter


English <= st1:PlaceType w:st=3D"on">Department Univers= ity of Utah

Salt Lake City 12, = Utah Ed”= Jack Garlington



Public Speaking

Chemical Engineering

67-16,  pp46-47



An Essay upon Excess

The Commonweal pp 46-47 ?



Technical Writing

Pipe Line Industry pp 50-52  July



Technical Writing

Petroleum Refiner 37-4 pp253-5



Diesel Fuels

Construction Methods 40-1



Sestina at the Sea

Poetry, A Magazine of Verse, v.92.no 6.p 362


191= 8 N. State St. Chicago= 10, Illinois

Henry Rago

The Education of JP

Kansas= Magazine pp 44-48



Controversial subjects

CollegeEnglish 15-8 461-462



Notes on Horace

Classical Journal 48-25 Ode




Explicator Vol, 10, no. 7 May


The Explicator, Box 3924, Rivermount Station, Lynchburg, Va.=

Marianne Moore

Explicator VII-4



The Housewife

The West Review Vol 12, no. 2 Winter p.90


The Western review: formerly Rocky Mountain Review, = Ray B. West Jr. editor. University of= Kansas Press Lawrence Kansas.


French Review XX-4


(To 1948?)

Selected and Critical Bibliography of the Uncollected Works of Katherine Anne Porter

Bulletin of  Bibliography and Dramatic Index Jan.-April. p. 36


F.W. Faxon Company 83 Francis St. Boston MAs

(Included as a monument to graduate student despair)


Matrix 1946-1947p. 17


Matrix published by Joseph Moskovitz 1500 W.Nedro Avenue, Philadelphia 41, PA. Includes Charles Bukoski, a poem “Object Lesson” p 46, and also (pp 46-47), a story “Love, Love, Love”(pp 46-47)  1918

Segrais and Boileau

Romanic Review, April 1946 Re



Columbia University, New York, NY.

















The Beet Movement

Single fold 4 ¼ by 5 1/2


Reproduced handwritten dedication to Sherry Robbins<= /p>






























1994 Fever Spreading into Light&nbs= p;  Ashland Poetry Press

1994 Wild Life Exhibit Family          Reprint: Keep Off the Grass<= /o:p>

1994 War and Lechery       &nbs= p;        House Organ Cleveland= Ohio

1994 Listening to Maggi Meyer       Sc= arecrow Poetry

1994 Cockles by the Sea       &nbs= p;     These three poems in

1994 =          &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;        No. 46  pp 6-12 (Illinois

1993 Wish Full       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp; House Organ, Cleve. = Ohio

1993       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;    Number 2, Spri= ng 1992 np

1993 Nothing to Worry About         House Organ, Cleveland Ohio=

1993   (Part I)       &nbs= p;             #5 Winter 1994  Entire Issue

1992 Heavy Metal From Pliny       &nbs= p; Ashland Poetry Press

1992 Five Lectures on the Sources   Lectures, Ashland Universit= y

1992 Fever Spreading into Light     Ashland Poetry Press

1990 St. Bernard's Prayer       &nbs= p;     Intent, Vol.2 = no.1 p.11

1990 Let us Now Ponder       &nbs= p;      Title Poem

1989 The Eye is a Piece of       &nbs= p; The Collegian Ashland Ohio    

1989 Poetics Generated by       &nbs= p;   Reporter       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;

1989 Lists       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;    The Collegian = Ashland Ohio    

1989 Hoffman, Angelou, Mottram     3rd Edition Contemporary

1988 Prince and Populist Ed.       Re= porter, Buffalo Dec 8, Vol.  <= /p>

1988 Listening to Maggi Meyer     Poettalk Berke= ley CA Vol 15,  

1988 Empire State College       &nbs= p;  Dedekind Reprints August 1988

1987 Three Poems:       &nbs= p;           SWIFT KICK, 

1987 R.O.M. & Other Poems       &nbs= p;   Privately printed       &nbs= p;     

1985 Write a Poem for My Girl         The <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Buffalo News, June 2,

1985 Collage (Rob't <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Duncan) Jimmy & Lucy's House of K= #3, p. 35

1985 Collage (Rob't <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Duncan)       Ji= mmy & Lucy's House of K #3,  &n= bsp;            = ;                  &nbs= p; Jan 1985 p. 35

1984 Creeley & Marisol       &nbs= p;     The Workshop Sagetrieb,

1984 After Aelian       &nbs= p;           Funds: Burchfield Center=

1983 Reprint:trans.Agamemnon       Sp= ring Publishing, Texas       

1983 Melody Moves the Light      Sagetrie= b,Spring 1983, pp 97-104     John Matthias       &nbs= p;    Credences, New Series, 1/1 pp

1983 Feedback       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;  Literary Review V 27 pp.26-27&nbs= p;

1983 Dig the Flower Children        Reprint/revision of Elegy

1982 Romanticism & Other       &nbs= p;    Niagara Mag. Reprint

1982 I Know Everything About Art But I Don’t But I Don’t Know

1982 Honky in the Woodpile       &nbs= p;  Ashland Poetry Press       &nbs= p;  

1982 Flame Reproachfully =

1982 Bring in the Red Wheelbarrow

1982 Barely in the Locker Room      Buffalo Poetry Page Reprint 

1982 A Triumph Like That       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;        

1981 Two Poems       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp; Escarpments V.2 n1 Bu= ffalo

1981 Keeping Abreast       &nbs= p;       Kansas Quarterly Vol 13 Summer

1981 Beet Movement       &nbs= p;         Chelsea,40 pp.112-116

1981 =          &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;        80 on the 80's

1980 Oct.in the Railroad Earth     Moody Street= Irregulars (Jack 

1980 Late Romantic Ending      Buffalo Spree V= .14, No.3. 117-121

1980 Coleman: The Gallo-   Comparative Literature Stu= dies

1980 70 on the 70's              = ;     Title Poem, Anthology,

1979 Winthrop       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;  Inc. 3, pp 24-25

1979 White Noise       &nbs= p;           Aurora, I-2, pp. 24-28       &nbs= p;

1979 Can't Right       &nbs= p;              Buffalo Spree Winter 1979     

1978 Robert Creeley's Poetics  Boundary 2, Spring/Fall pp 193-210     <= o:p>

1978 Poster Poem       &nbs= p;           ADS/NEA Grant Just Bu= ffalo

1978 F.M. Stereo:Your

1978 Cepka       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;    Aurora, Novum Centrum Journal&nbs= p;

1976 Telephone Bills from       &nbs= p;  Montreal, = Canada

1976 Elegy for the F.C.       &nbs= p;    Concordia Summer Session      

1976   [No title]       &nbs= p;           Aspect Cambridge MA No.69     

1975 Contemporary Poets       &nbs= p;    Entry on Hoffman, reprinted   

1975 &= nbsp;           &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;   Montreal, Canada'76 

1975 Review of four books       &nbs= p;     North Stone Review       &nbs= p;    

1975 Litotes as a Life Style       Kansas Quarterly,Fall       &nbs= p; 

1974 The Bargain        Perspectives (Potsdam= ,NY Spring pp 29- 34 

1974 Curses,Omens, Prayers       &nbs= p; Ashland Poetry Press, Ashland

1973 Waging Love        &nbs= p;          Iowa Review 4/3 pp.42-54      

1973 History is Questioning        Chelsea 30/31 p. 81       &nbs= p;   

1973 Fragment = for FRAGMENTS           Fragments, N.Y. 6       &nbs= p;     

1973 Begging Song from the Greek   Chelsea 30/31 p.82       &nbs= p;    

1973  Pos ellenee sta       &nbs= p;      

1973   Poem       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;    Aspect Oct Dec 76, p 37       

1972 Une histoire touchante       ibid       &nbs= p;                 &nbs= p; 

1972 Trans: Agamemnon       &nbs= p;     Anthology of Greek Drama,     

1972 The Clown       &nbs= p;             Rapport I,2-3, pp. 45-46      

1972 Prayer for young lovers          Oyez Chicago 6-1, p.8       &nbs= p; 

1972 Omens in Wheat       &nbs= p;           Oyez Chicago 6= -1, p.8       &nbs= p; 

1972 Je pige, eido       &nbs= p;         et maintenant, no 3. hiver

1971 We live in a happening,why       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;           &nbs= p; 

1971 Translations, German       &nbs= p; Electronic Review Spring 1967&nbs= p;

1971 Set of inconsistencies          &nbs= p;    Contempora 1-6 pp 7-8       &nbs= p; 

1971 Id Est       &nbs= p;            &= nbsp;   D.C. Gazette 3-5, p.5  =        

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